WATCH THE GRAVE (Micro Fiction)

One bell ringing and I thought it must be the wind. Two bells ringing and I thought it must be someone playing a practical joke.But all of them, hundreds of them, now I don't know whether to run or hide or drop to my knees and pray. When I got the job and they told... Continue Reading →

Finally got to see something I wrote in print for the first time today, it's only a tiny piece of micro fiction, but still feels damn good. Going to go have a few rum and cokes to celebrate. Follow me on Twitter.


Their chanting could be heard from nearly a mile out, a hundred of them, maybe more. They lined the beach head, their faces obscured by heavy darkened robes and small flickering torches grasped tightly between both hands. "Mae hi'n codi athithi." They sang over and over, but none of us knew the language. It still... Continue Reading →


Jessie Kelly stood slumped against the bars of his cramped cell, his wedding ring clattering against the iron. The noise echoed throughout the small, near empty sheriff’s station, the clock hanging above the officer’s desk showed it to be a quarter past midnight. A deputy laid face down on the desk, fast asleep, seemingly unable... Continue Reading →

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