General Antony, Scouting was proceeding as normal before we reached the Alps where we were descended upon. There was no army as we had initially thought, but rather a creature of some strange and unimaginable horror up in the mountains slowly moving down. The creature resembled a sinking face, illuminated by light, with a mass... Continue Reading →



Lady Mary was sitting in the drawing-room alone, looking out of the window onto the lush and expansive gardens of the Farnport Estate, waiting for the sun to set. It was quiet. The only sound to fill the air was the gentle clatter of the silver cross necklace as it twisted around her fingers, knocking... Continue Reading →


To Whom It May Concern, My name is Doctor Stephanie J. Dawkins and I am writing this letter to publicly express my concerns for the new consciousness swapping technology developed by Anderson Industries, known commonly as K14. I was once a believer in the technology and it’s potential to treat a wide range of different... Continue Reading →

ALIVE IN THE TOMB. (Flash Fiction)

They will pay, that is for certain, that I know. Whether it is tomorrow or in a thousand years they will all pay, all those who bear the wretched names of those fools who entombed me here. It’s the only thing that has kept me sane, knowing that someday I will get to tear them apart limb from limb.

TELESCOPE (Flash Fiction)

I am forced to recollect the horrid tale that has left me trapped inside this car as a prisoner of my own mind; doing so is the only way I can think of to ensure that I have not gone entirely insane. I can feel my heart beat deep within my chest, each time I... Continue Reading →

TOMMY. (Flash Fiction)

We met on a dreary Sunday morning, the clouds hung low blending in with the heavy fog, the winds howled sending chills through my knitted cap. Our Sunday School teacher Mr Manston let us out of class early, as he often did and while the other children chose not to brave the harsh conditions outside,... Continue Reading →

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