ALIVE IN THE TOMB. (Flash Fiction)

They will pay, that is for certain, that I know. Whether it is tomorrow or in a thousand years they will all pay, all those who bear the wretched names of those fools who entombed me here. It’s the only thing that has kept me sane, knowing that someday I will get to tear them apart limb from limb. Someday I will see them all die screaming, and begging, screaming and begging.

My name is Mary Anne Parsons, I was born in the year 1822 and I have spent what by my best estimations is just over one hundred and fifty years sealed beneath the Earth in a metal coffin. Back when I was presented the opportunity to join Lord Klein’s brood I thought I had struck it big, I thought my life was finally beginning. The life of a vampire suited me well and came with some remarkable benefits, the promise of not only eternal life but eternal youth. I would not wither away like my Mother and Grandmother before me, I would stay young and vibrant forever. This however is not how I expected to spend eternal life, trapped inside a metal box, six feet underground!

I was inducted into the brood by Lord Klein himself, an honour only a select few were offered. A great feast was put on in my name before I was brought to his chambers where we spent the night together and at three thirty in the morning, right in the middle of the witching hour, he sunk his fangs deep into my neck and granted me entry into his family. Two other members of the brood then brought in a terrified little boy, he would be my first taste of human blood.

I think back on that night often, how warm and delicious the child’s blood was, it drives me mad. I so desperately long for the taste of fresh blood on my tongue once again, I have spent the past hundred and fifty odd years parched and hungry, and yet I do not die, all I do is lay here and think about how I will one day have my revenge.

I spent little more than a year out in the world as a vampire but what a wonderful year it was, I had a new and loving family, party’s nearly every night, my life was perfect. However, it was all taken from me when I was knocked unconscious one night whilst out on the hunt for fresh victims. Something fell on me, but I cannot recall what, I don’t really remember much of what happened that night at all. I remember exiting a tavern and making my way down a side street, then a sharp pain like something had struck me and then I woke up here, in this grave. I don’t know how long I was unconscious for or even the whereabouts of my burial, all I know is that the families of the doctors, the gravediggers and anyone else who played a role in placing me here will suffer once I finally get out. It’s only a matter of time, the grave cannot hold a vampire forever. Soon a natural disaster will come, or grave robbers, or the relocation of the graveyard. Whatever it is I know I will be exhumed someday and when I finally do, you will pray that you are not a relation to those who put me here because if you are, you will beg me for death once I get my hand on you.

By Taylor Thompson.

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