THE FROZEN JOURNAL PART #2 (Continuing Story)

12th of June 2015

Close to an hour has passed since Parker spotted the lighthouse to the South, we changed course and have been sailing towards it since then, but we don’t seem to be getting any closer. The lighthouse appears to be only a few miles away, just at the very edge of our vision, but after nearly a full hour of sailing it doesn’t appear any closer now than it did an hour ago. I don’t understand, we should’ve reached it by now. We should’ve reached it in less than ten minutes. Still we sail, through the pitch black night towards this distant beam of light. Parker, who had initially spotted the lighthouse has begun complaining about the time it is taking to reach it and wants to turn back. He thinks we should sail in the opposite direction. The time it is taking to sail towards the lighthouse is strange, but I don’t see why Parker is so insistent we turn back, this is our only view of land and we don’t have enough supplies to sail around aimlessly looking for a better place to dock. I think Parker has read too many ghost stories, he’s let his imagination get the better of him.

13th of June 2015

I stayed up until a little past one am last night before sleep deprivation got the better of me and I had to retire to my bed, I had hoped we’d reach land before then and I’d get the chance to sleep some place a little warmer, sadly no luck there. Without any power on board the sleeping quarters feel more like a walk-in freezer than a bedroom. Myself and the young lads all woke up with what feels like a cold, Sid looks especially terrible, admittedly these are extreme conditions, but I don’t think the boy is made for sea travel.

Without power food options were limited, most of the appliances have become useless so I stuck to fruit and a sandwich for breakfast. I took my food up on deck to see Parker still up passing back and forth, he hadn’t slept. Up above on the bridge the Captain was keeping us on course, I don’t think he slept either, with the amount of liquor he’s consumed I don’t know how that is possible though.

The lighthouse hasn’t moved. It’s still seemingly the same distance as it was when we initially set course for it. Parker keeps shouting up to the bridge, demanding we turn back but the Captain is stubborn and insists the lighthouse is our best and only bet for land.

14th of June 2015

The time is half past twelve in the morning or evening depending on how you wish to say it, I had little time to update my journal on the thirteenth, there in an uneasy feeling in the air and I have been forced to play the role of peacekeeper on board. Parker and the Captain have been at each other’s throats all day and the lack of sleep on both sides is only escalating the matter. Around noon Andrew and I had to break up a fight between the two, the Captain came down from the bridge to grab himself another bottle of wine and some bread when Parker suddenly attacked him. Punches were thrown, and Parker attempted to get the Captain in some sort of choke hold, it took both Andrew and I to pull him off the Captain. Parker and the Captain came out of the scrap unharmed but poor Andrew caught an elbow to the nose, I think it might be broken in a couple of places.

Later in the afternoon I saw Parker in the kitchen rummaging through the draws, he took out a small steak knife and slipped in into his pants. I confronted him and managed to get him to hand it over, I said I’d return it if he got some rest but I have no intention of freely giving that man a weapon. Frankly I’d feel uncomfortable with any other crew member having a weapon at this point, everyone is too on edge.

The cold has really started to get to us, our winter jackets and raincoats are no match for these chilling arctic winds and as I said we still have no power; no heating. I fear that as we head further South it is only going to get worse. Just before sunset Andrew and I spotted some small clusters of ice in the water.

“There shouldn’t be any islands this far South… Not until Antarctica.” Andrew reckons, and I have to say I agree with him. This damned lighthouse still doesn’t seem to be getting any closer and for a moment Andrew and I thought that perhaps we had somehow all hallucinated the bloody thing, but that can’t be… All five of us have seen it and we continue to do so, it does not appear and disappear, it remains in place, always just on the edge of our sight. It is also too crisp and clear to be a hallucination, but what it is doing this far South? And why can’t we seem to get any closer? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little spooked and a little uneasy about this whole thing.

More unfortunate news, poor Sid has been unable of get out of bed all day. He looks dreadful, I remember seeing my Nanna on her deathbed and Sid doesn’t look much better than she did right now. Andrew and I draped him in all our spare blankets and coats trying to keep him warm but he continues to be cold to the touch. I’ve been sat beside him since dinner, caring for him and writing in my journal. I hope we reach the lighthouse soon for Sid’s sake more than mine.


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