THE FROZEN JOURNAL PART #3 (Continuing Story)

14th of June 2015.

Sid is dead; hypothermia it seems. He passed away some time this morning between five and seven, I dozed off briefly and missed his final moments. I wish I could’ve provided him some comfort in those last minutes but at least I was at his side when he passed, even if I was fast asleep. This was enough to finally force our hand and cause the long coming mutiny. Andrew lured the Captain out from the bridge and me and Parker tackled him as soon as he crossed the threshold. We knocked the Captain to the ground, but he wasn’t going to give up easily, he squirmed and writhed like a freshly caught fish. I copped an elbow to the jaw and he chipped one of my bottom teeth, Parker wrapped him up in a headlock and I tried to twist his arm behind his back hoping that the pain would stop him, but it only seemed to anger him more. Out of desperation the Captain grabbed Parker by the groin and by the sounds of Parker’s screaming nearly ripped the balls right off him. Parker broke the hold and thanks to some luck and the wet and slipperiness of the deck the Captain made it to his feet again. As we went to tackle him once more he pulled a pistol on us and put a stop to the mutiny as quickly as it began. All three of us raised our hands and tried to calm him down, but the lack of sleep and our betrayal had made him manic. “Cowards!” He shouted, “Cowards, the lot of you! I’ve a bullet for any man who touches me again!”

Andrew and I backed away slightly, showing we meant no further harm, but Parker did not. Parker edged forward, closer to the Captain, “You’ve doomed us all, you old fool.”

Parker leapt for the gun and the Captain fired. The bullet tore through Parker’s stomach and he dropped to his knees instantly. Blood poured out onto the deck as Parker clutched his stomach trying hopelessly to stop the bleeding, the Captain raised his gun toward Andrew and I. “I warned him!” Shouted the Captain, “I warned you all!”

Parker reached up, grabbing at the Captain’s coat, trying desperately to pull himself up, maybe even trying to grab the gun. The Captain shrugged him off with ease and returned to the bridge, aiming the pistol at us the entire time.

Andrew and I tried to apply first aid to Parker but we were too late, by the time the gun was off us and we could get to him he had all but bleed out. Andrew and I spent the rest of the day huddled below deck, kitchen knives in hand under our blankets just in case the Captain came down, fortunately he didn’t.

After dinner, which was just plain bread and poorly heated cans of beans, Andrew and I wrapped both Parker and Sid up in sheets and tossed them overboard. Andrew said a brief prayer and we gave them both a moment of silence. I looked out over the bow and saw that we still have not changed course. The lighthouse is still out there just on the edge of the waves and the Captain seems more determined than ever to reach it. I don’t know what to do now, we can not stop him while he has that pistol and soon we’ll run out of both fuel and edible food, I already doubt we have enough to make it back to land as is. I want nothing more than to be at home in bed, under the blankets with my dearest Katie, but I suppose Andrew will have to do for now. I hope I can make it home, I hope I can see dry land again and hold my wife in my arms.

15th of June 2015.

I awoke to a crash, for the briefest of moments I thought that we might have hit land, that against all my scepticism we might have made it to the lighthouse. I raced up above deck to see what it was, but to my disappointment it wasn’t land at all, we had stuck a large ice float and the lighthouse was just as far away as it has ever been. We’re surrounded by ice now and large pieces as well, I know for a fact the ship isn’t designed for arctic travel, if we keep heading south we may sink the ship and drown before starvation or the cold takes us. We need to find a way to stop the Captain, we’ll never reach the lighthouse and even if we do I don’t think I want to know what is waiting for us there. Clearly something is not right about this place, something supernatural, I fear even something evil.

Andrew believes that we may already be dead and this is all some twisted version of Hell, that we’re doomed to suffer aboard this ship forever and never make it home. The boy has read too many novels, this isn’t some divine punishment we’re just captives of a mad man.


By Taylor Thompson. 


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